What to Do if Your Puppy is Overweight?

In the U.S, approximately 40 percent of all dogs are overweight. Following the correct guidelines your dog food and dispensing the right amount is not enough to guarantee that your puppy is not overweight. Overweight dogs are prone to diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, difficulty in breathing and heart diseases. It is therefore very important to ensure that your puppy is not overweight. Some of the signs that your dog is overweight are heavy breathing, lethargy, lack of endurance, overeating, trouble getting up and difficulty walking up stairs. You can also weigh your puppy to ensure they have perfect weight for pets in their category.

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One of the best ways to help your dog shed weight is trough correct dieting. Ensure the puppy takes foods low in curbs and they take weight management foods since some foods are controversial. Also, ensure that your dog exercises regularly and you increase the intensity of exercises gradually. Ideally, you should walk your dog for thirty minutes at least twice a day. You can even take your dog to dog parks or for plays with other dogs. Moreover, you should take your dog for a checkup since certain conditions such as Cushing’s Syndrome and cause Hypothyroidism weight gain in dogs. Also you can ensure your dog eats only low-cal dog treats and vegetables. Different dogs have different metabolism hence you should ask your veterinarian the amount of calories your dog should take each day to ensure you do not overfeed them. Use smart supplements tat will keep your dog trim and fit. Your pet will benefit from omega-3 fatty acid supplements which are healthy for their bones. Instead of using highly-processed store treats you should consider using baby carrots, celery, green beans, cucumber, broccoli and apples which are naturally nutritious and will not cause your dog to be overweight.

You can help your dog shed extra pounds and live a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.


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