Things Dogs And Humans Have In Common.

Dogs and humans share many unique features, they should not be surprising at all. we are very similar. There is no reason why the dog is not called “best friend of men”.Let’s start naming the commen features

The room: Roguebeardie’s baskets are his message, a kind of consulate in which no one else has entered – in which he can do what he wants (just no heaps …). In return, the children’s room is taboo for him. Then there are these two doors. Safety guards call other mothers the. I call it: the-child-to-go-down-hold-doors or the dog-from-towering-keep-doors. First works flawlessly. Second mostly also. There is an exception here.

The mates: dog and child have not only similar cuddle needs, they are also very much on visit. More than the parents. It has therefore become natural that first the dog must be welcomed. This may have been didactically reprehensible, but is empirically admirably demonstrated.

cgordon8527 / Pixabay

The joy of movement: Our dog is now three. The child one and a half. Both have different joy in big rounds and in-garden-depend. Namely exactly the opposite. Often, therefore, one of them is a little bit motive, the bottom line is the same.
The hobbies: In order to keep the motto at point 3 within the framework, it is necessary to involve the dog separately during various excursions. And if you’re not crazy with a bite of a shepherd dog, summer walks in the dog’s run area, an adult and a dog, a bit like yoga.

Tolerance: The dog has again jumped on the sofa? The child bathes in the dog bowl? And the toy of the other is much more interesting anyway? So life is probably with many, not only with dog and child.
Love: Unsteady, but happily perished. Of course in points 1 to 5 worked on it.

The openness: No matter how many plans you make in advance, a bit is different. Also with us: the child feeds the dog. And yourself. And a dog’s grain has already found its way into the mouth of the child. Instead of didactic tips helps here a regular deworming. I do not know if this is the guarantor of a good bachelor. With our Bearded Collie it works well. The thing with the dog trainer we have also looked at, of course, for hard-fisted can be really great. It is a steady growth. The child is now almost kecker than the dog. A real villain baby.


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